About Peter N. Borys, Jr.

Peter N. Borys, Jr. is an author and communicator of transforming to a heart-based consciousness. He is developing a new vision for living from a transcendent consciousness in the everyday life of relationships, intention, creativity, and work in the world. Peter writes about mystical transformation, self-development, and the evolution to an enlightened humanity. In his writing, Peter communicates his experience on the journey, models of transformation, and ways of practice. He is the author of Transforming Heart and Mind: Learning from the Mystics (Paulist Press, 2006), and Unity of the Heart: Transforming Consciousness to an Enlightened Humanity (Mill City Press, 2008).

Peter’s work unites the Divine energy of the spiritual traditions with the emerging sciences of the unconscious mind, quantum physics, subtle energy, and consciousness studies to form a spiritual-scientific worldview. He presents a twenty-first century mystical anthropology and spiritual cosmology. Peter unites personal transformation and the evolution to our enlightened humanity as a way to attract more persons to the path of healing and transformation to the true self in Divine unity. His purpose is to assist our journey beyond the fear-based inertia of separation and conflict to an awareness of our infinite love and creativity.

Through transformative coaching, he provides support and assists others to open to the way of transformation in everyday life. Peter has been a co-founder of a marketing business for printing papers and has a B.A from Hamilton College and a J.D. from Syracuse University College of Law. He has 15 years of meditation practice, the way of Christian mysticism, and the study of the mystical traditions, philosophy, and the sciences.

In his synthesis of the mystical traditions, sciences, human intersubjectivity, and intention, he describes a new vision of human transformation and creative intention. In this vision, we experience our nonlocal and nondual heart-based  consciousness  as  part  of our  unique  community  of  being  as  expressed through spirit, soul, and body.